BCCI Chair Restored Post IPL Judgment: The Conflict Continues

The Supreme Court has observed All told whatever be the format of the game and whatever be the commercial angles to it, the game is what it is, only if it is played in its pristine form free from any sporting fraud….. Conflict of interest situation is a complete anti-thesis to everything recognized by BCCI as constituting fundamental imperatives of the game hence unsustainable and impermissible in law.

Srinivasan, the most powerful cricket administrator in the world, on Sunday the 8th of February “restored himself” as BCCI president and chaired an emergent working committee meeting, at which it was decided that the thrice-postponed AGM will take place on March 2 in his home town Chennai. Several officials who attended the meeting, also held in Chennai, confirmed that he took the chairman’s chair after announcing that the January 22 judgement of the two-member bench of the Supreme Court in the IPL betting-fixing case has given him all clear.

A closer look at the said judgment does not appear to endorse the stand purportedly taken by the Chairman of the BCCI.

D-fraud has published our article on this, which can be accessed here.

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