Online Gaming Laws In India: Recent Judgement of Madras High Court

The interest in online gaming has witnessed a sudden increase in recent times all over the world, including India and due to this many countries are adopting or updating their existing framework on gaming laws. The Judgement appears to be crucial, in light of these recent developments. It throws light on the importance of setting up a regulatory framework to regulate and deal with the online gaming sector in India.


Gaming Legislation in India Under the Constitution of India, the State Legislatures have been entrusted with the power to frame legislation to govern “Gambling”. However, prior to independence, the then Central Government enacted the Public Gambling Act, 1867, which regulated gambling and other allied activities across India. Certain states in India have enacted their own... Continue Reading →

DIPP Notifies revised definition of Start-up

In our previous post on the Start-up India Action Plan (“Action Plan”), we discussed the various benefits announced for ‘eligible’ start-ups in the Action Plan and the regulatory changes that were proposed thereunder. We also highlighted that the Action Plan provided a definition as to what shall constitute an ‘eligible’ start-up. Further, the Department of... Continue Reading →

Start-up Investment: Essentials of a Term Sheet and Methods of Valuation – An Indian Perspective (Part 2)

Valuation matters to entrepreneurs because it determines the portion of their company they have to give away to an investor in exchange for money. Ascertaining the most appropriate method of valuation of the securities of a company is in the event of receipt of an investment or sale of existing securities is an essential part of any transaction. This is also a statutory requirement.

Start-up Investment: Essentials of a Term Sheet and Methods of Valuation – An Indian Perspective (Part 1)

The term sheet is intended to reflect the desires and concerns of the parties in a manner which is mutually agreeable to the participating parties.

Start-ups and pivotal legal documentation

With better access to funding, evolving technology space and increasing demand within the domestic market, the Indian start-up ecosystem has been rapidly progressing and the “Start-up India, Stand up India” initiative has provided a huge impetus to its growth by effectuating many favourable regulatory and policy changes. In addition to the technology space, which has... Continue Reading →

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