Non-Personal Data and its Governance in India

India, being the second most populated country in the world, has a large data market which is relatively unregulated. The lack of appropriate legislation has encouraged crimes such as data theft, data misappropriation, cyber-squatting, etc. The increased usage of smartphones coupled with the easy availability of the internet has made it extremely necessary to have... Continue Reading →

Online Gaming Laws In India: Recent Judgement of Madras High Court

The interest in online gaming has witnessed a sudden increase in recent times all over the world, including India and due to this many countries are adopting or updating their existing framework on gaming laws. The Judgement appears to be crucial, in light of these recent developments. It throws light on the importance of setting up a regulatory framework to regulate and deal with the online gaming sector in India.

COVID-19: Unlock 3.0 – What you can and cannot do

In the containment zones, only essential activities have been allowed to operate. Such activities will be closely monitored by the State and UT authorities and guidelines relating to containment zones will be strictly implemented.

Sneak-peak into the Epidemic Diseases Act and Regulations for times like these

Background Amid the Global Coronavirus Pandemic which has caused disruption all the world, many countries have taken different mitigation steps to tackle the spread of this deadly virus. Due to the absence of adequate medication to prevent and cure the virus in time, countries were forced to enter a compulsory lock-down to exercise social distance... Continue Reading →

Covid-19 Update: Delhi High Court Clarifies the Conundrum Surrounding Force Majeure in Rental Agreements

The pandemic caused due to COVID-19 and the lockdown imposed by the Central Government has almost stalled all the businesses courtywide. This has inturn caused a lot of hardships to the business establishments (not being essential service providers), especially in paying salaries to the employees/workers and the rent of the premises. Recently, the Delhi High... Continue Reading →

FSSAI Update: Launch of FoSCoS Platform

All manufactures holding valid FSSAI License will need to modify their License (without any modification fee) as per the “Standardized Food Products” available on the FoSCoS website, before 31st December 2020.

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