Covid-19 Update: Revised Guidelines For Handling of Waste Generated During Treatment Of Covid-19 Patients

The Central Pollution Control Board (“CPCB”) on 19th March 2020 issued guidelines for handling, treatment and disposal of Covid-19 waste at Healthcare Facilities, Quarantine Camps/ Quarantine-homes/ Home-care, Sample Collection Centers, Laboratories, State Pollution Control Boards (“SPCBs”)/ Pollution Control Committees (“PCCs”), Urban Local Bodies (“ULBs”) and Common Biomedical Waste Treatment Facilities (“CBWTF”) which includes setting up... Continue Reading →

New Compliances in relation to Bio-Medical Waste Handling

The economic and environmental consequences of bio - medical waste have come to be a paramount issue of concern in developing countries. Safe handling of bio-medical waste has always been the biggest concern for health authorities in India for, if waste is not managed in an appropriate fashion, it can unleash a major threat to... Continue Reading →

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