The current BRSR framework has been envisaged keeping in mind all the relevant factors from the viewpoint of stakeholders. However, there are certain grey areas which need immediate attention like the lack of sector specific information and straitjacket “yes/no” questions which could severely mislead a third party. 

Covid-19 Update: Revised Guidelines For Handling of Waste Generated During Treatment Of Covid-19 Patients

The Central Pollution Control Board (“CPCB”) on 19th March 2020 issued guidelines for handling, treatment and disposal of Covid-19 waste at Healthcare Facilities, Quarantine Camps/ Quarantine-homes/ Home-care, Sample Collection Centers, Laboratories, State Pollution Control Boards (“SPCBs”)/ Pollution Control Committees (“PCCs”), Urban Local Bodies (“ULBs”) and Common Biomedical Waste Treatment Facilities (“CBWTF”) which includes setting up... Continue Reading →

New Compliances in relation to Bio-Medical Waste Handling

The economic and environmental consequences of bio - medical waste have come to be a paramount issue of concern in developing countries. Safe handling of bio-medical waste has always been the biggest concern for health authorities in India for, if waste is not managed in an appropriate fashion, it can unleash a major threat to... Continue Reading →

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