A Balancing Act: Ease of Doing Business vis-à-vis Offences under Companies Act, 2013

Introduction On 1 February 2023, Hon’ble Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, in her budget speech stated that “[f]or enhancing ease of doing business, more than 39,000 compliances have been reduced and more than 3,400 legal provisions have been decriminalized. For furthering the trust-based governance, we have introduced the Jan Vishwas Bill to amend 42 Central Acts.... Continue Reading →


PART II This blog post is a continuation of Part I for CCPA Guidelines for Misleading Advertisements and Endorsements, 2022. The first part describes the prescriptions of the guidelines and do’s and don’ts for advertisers and owners of brands. This second part deals with the duties and obligations of various stakeholders. Duties of manufacturer, service... Continue Reading →


The Consumer Protection Act, 2019 is an act that aims to provide better protection for consumers and promote their rights. The act was passed by the Indian parliament on August 6, 2019, and it replaced the Consumer Protection Act, 1986. The new act strengthens consumer rights and provides for the establishment of the Central Consumer... Continue Reading →

Compliance and the Retail Sector: Thinktank

Retail outlets spread over several states necessitates the presence of a mechanism to deal with variance in state legislation on the one hand, and outsourced management on the other. Retail companies may have an operational checklist, it is not possible to execute without a centralised software that has a bird’s eye view of the compliance.

Relevance of Privacy Policy in today’s context

Introduction With the digital boom in India, the issues relating to protection of data and avoidance of identity, theft or fraud are real concerns and information on the internet is vulnerable to get misused, therefore, there is a dire need to protect citizens. The need for a privacy policy is most pivotal while handling or... Continue Reading →

Inadequate or Unstamped Contracts — Long Term Impact on Disputes

The issue pertaining to dispute resolution in case of unstamped or inadequately stamped instruments is an oft — debated question, subject to judicial review since decades. This post presents the transition in the thought process of courts considering the pre – 2021 position and the present view on the issue as it stands today. 

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