Eight Years of POSH – A real protection or glass fence?

First published in Business HR magazine – March 2022 Issue

There is a thin line between moral obligation of respecting a female co-worker and the legal obligation to do so.The IC cannot superimpose its moralities on the workforce but must be guided by legal principles and determine outcome of the misconduct empirically.

Workplace sexual harassment not only creates an insecure and hostile working environment for women but also impedes their ability to perform and be part of the labour force in equal measure in a competitive work environment of today. The POSH Act was enacted as a comprehensive legislation to provide a safe, secure and enabling environment, free from sexual harassment to every worker.

This post published by Business HR magazine, centres around the realities of functioning of POSH laws in India and practicalities surrounding the environment to assess the effectiveness of the law. Download the full article here.

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