Legal Metrology Decriminalization and Nomination -Most Awaited

The proposals tackle challenges posed by the Act without ignoring the aims sought to be fulfilled by it. Given that many wrongdoers get away with their malpractices because of a higher standard of proof, strictly enforced monetary penalties and cancellation of license as measures of compliance would be, at least, equally efficient as imprisonment...

Unlock 5.0 – Is this the right time to eat out?

In a brief update to our post of yesterday, we see that the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, in a meeting with the representative of restaurant business associations held yesterday (28th September 2020), stated that the State Government of Maharashtra has prepared guidelines to restart the restaurant operations and activities. These guidelines have been submitted to... Continue Reading →

Covid-19: Unlock 4.0 Guidelines – What’s New

Guidelines by Ministry of Home Affairs The right given to the States/ UTs to impose additional restrictions and to prohibit certain activities outside the containment zones has been withdrawn pursuant to these Guidelines. The State/ UTs cannot impose any local lockdown, outside the containment zones, without prior consultation from the Central Government. The Ministry of... Continue Reading →

Non-Personal Data and its Governance in India

India, being the second most populated country in the world, has a large data market which is relatively unregulated. The lack of appropriate legislation has encouraged crimes such as data theft, data misappropriation, cyber-squatting, etc. The increased usage of smartphones coupled with the easy availability of the internet has made it extremely necessary to have... Continue Reading →

Online Gaming Laws In India: Recent Judgement of Madras High Court

The interest in online gaming has witnessed a sudden increase in recent times all over the world, including India and due to this many countries are adopting or updating their existing framework on gaming laws. The Judgement appears to be crucial, in light of these recent developments. It throws light on the importance of setting up a regulatory framework to regulate and deal with the online gaming sector in India.

COVID-19: Unlock 3.0 – What you can and cannot do

In the containment zones, only essential activities have been allowed to operate. Such activities will be closely monitored by the State and UT authorities and guidelines relating to containment zones will be strictly implemented.

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