As a newly found transport company, have you also wondered whether the Motor Transport Workers Act applies to your organization? Are you, as a team of entrepreneurs, also uncertain whether the definitions within the Act include your company too? In this article, we shall look at the major definitions within the Motor Transport Workers Act... Continue Reading →

E-Sports: Framework and Challenges for Indian Business Owners

At present, the central legislations on gaming in India are limited to the Gambling Act 1867 and the Prize Competitions Act, 1955. Applicable in 16 states and union territories, the Gambling Act excludes from its purview, those games which require skill.[4] Empowered under List II of the Seventh Schedule of the Indian Constitution to regulate laws on betting and gambling, various states accordingly permit games which require skill, and prohibit those based purely on chance.    

 Is Copyright Registration Mandatory?

We often get asked by clients whether copyright registration is mandatory and if not – why is that the case? How are the protections offered different for a trademark versus that offered for a copyright. So we have put together a simple blog post outlining the general nature of copyright and why registration of copyright is not mandatory to get protection under law.


Introduction Loosely translated, the word “Data” in technology means and includes all results or technical information that have either been developed or obtained in the performance of a certain activity. In our daily lives, we go through a number of activities without realising that at every step of an activity, a large amount of our... Continue Reading →

Dating your Agreement

Execution Date is the date on which the contract is signed and executed between the parties, whereas an Effective Date means the date from which the rights and obligations of parties come into effect. This blog post seeks to set out broad principles for the two concepts and their interconnection in day-to-day business transactions and offer a paradigm to view their importance to drafting .

GAMING OR GAMBLING – Indian legal position

There is a growing power tussle between the legislature of various states and judiciary on the subject matter of overlap of gaming and gambling laws. A recent example of the same reflects in the statement of the Tamil Nadu chief minister given in January 2022 that he will bring a complete end to online gaming where one could bet money. This statement came much after the decision of the Madras High Court in the aforementioned case of Junglee Games India Private Limited v. State of Tamil Nadu & Ors.[1] where it held such gaming to be valid in the eyes of law and protected under fundamental right 19(1)(g).

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