The nature of instrument to be issued by a company depends to a large extent on the valuation of the company obtained through different mechanisms.

We are pleased to announce that India Business Law Journal’s 2020 Indian Law Firm Awards has named Agama Law Associates as a winner in the category of Private Client Practice. We thank our clients for their trust and faith in us.  

COVID-19 Update: State of Maharashtra

The relaxations issued under the Guidelines have been withdrawn in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region and Pune Metropolitan Region, as a large number of people had commenced commuting due to these relaxations which posed imminent threat of further spread of COVID-19 in these regions.


In light of the current global lock-down of unprecedented scale necessitated due to Covid-19, parties have had to revisit their contracts. The clause that has seldom seen such attention is the "force majeure" clause, hiding as a boiler plate provision. Recent publications have widely covered the legal implication and intricacies of how these clauses work.The... Continue Reading →

Covid 19 Update: Maharashtra – Suspension of Rent/ License Fees for 3 Months

It is however clear that the Advisory has been issued for the relief of tenants during the COVID-19 lockdown. Such a blanket suspension of rent without having regard to the complex interrelationships between landlords and tenants gives rise to some issues -

Covid 19 Update: Revised Consolidated Guidelines and other updates

With the increasing number of novel coronavirus (“COVID-19”) cases in India, the Prime Minister, in his fourth speech post the COVID-19 outbreak in India on 14th April 2020, announced that the nationwide lockdown (which has been in effect from 25th March 2020) imposed to contain the spread of COVID-19 pandemic in India, has been extended... Continue Reading →

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